Chairman : Mr Wilson Wong



  • To examine any issues pertaining to contractual matters or construction/building practices that are of importance to the industry and put up necessary recommendations for the Council’s endorsement

  • To liaise and organise dialogues with other professional/government bodies on any policy and course of action on contractual matters that affect contractors

  • To review existing and new policies that is of direct relevance and importance to the practices of contractors

  • To make representations to the government agencies to voice opinions and offer feedback of the Association

  • To establish a close rapport between contactors and the government agencies



  • Hold dialogues with government departments, government agencies, professional institutions and trade associations

  • Hold regular meetings with contractors

  • Organise dialogues with relevant government agencies



Chairman : Mr Eugene Yong



  • Embrace and encourage initiatives that are geared towards making a positive impact on the local communities

  • Provide support to the Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) and the less privileged through contributions in-kind donations, volunteerism and community outreaches

  • Create opportunities and encourage SCAL members and employees to participate in various Corporate Social Responsibility projects



  • Organise social support activities such as the CSR Chinese New Year Lunch for the elderly residents

  • Facilitate and recruit potential blood donors through the blood donation drive recruitment programmes

  • Initiate fundraising events such as the SCAL Charity Golf Tournament to provide financial support for our selected charities.

  • Organise community outreaches such as the Cleana-Home programme to provide a safe and clean living environment for seniors staying in rental units

  • Collaborate with the Building Construction Authority of Singapore to facilitate the refurbishing works for the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped

  • Other ad-hoc projects



Chairman : Mr Eugene Yong



  • To promote awareness among members of environmental impact of construction.

  • To promote and educate members on sustainable construction.

  • Collaboration across organizations, institutions and government bodies locally and internationally to deliver sustainable development solution and for technology sharing.



  • To source and invite organizations and government bodies to give talks on environmental and sustainable construction related topics.

  • To encourage greater involvement of members on sustainable construction through introduction of sustainable-related technology and materials.

  • To appoint SCAL representatives to external committees to exchange ideas on sustainable construction.

  • To review regulatory requirements on environmental sustainability.



Chairman : Mr Quek Hong Peng



  • To maintain the Lu Ban Shrine and advise SCAL’s Council on cultural matters relating to the Lu Ban Xian Shi

  • To plan and organise the annual Lu Ban Birthday Anniversary Celebrations

  • To set up and administer the scholarship and welfare fund designed for members’ benefit



  • Organise the annual Lu Ban Birthday Anniversary Celebrations

  • To plan and organise the annual Lu Ban Birthday Anniversary Celebrations

  • To set up and administer the scholarship and welfare fund designed for members’ benefit



Chairman : Mr Kenneth Loo



  • To help contractors adapt to present industry conditions

  • To secure for its members all advantages of unanimity of action

  • To respond to the need of members for industrywide issues

  • To promote membership

  • To identify and accredit a core of active trade subcontractors in the construction industry who are able to meet the quality and productivity needs of the industry

  • To provide a list of recommended and accredited trade subcontractors

  • To promote rapport and interaction among member companies

  • To reinforce the efforts and responsibilities of member companies toward the welfare of employees

  • To actively raise funds to support local charitable organisations



  • Organise regular CEO Lunches

  • Organise membership drives

  • Regularly monitor the practices of SLOTS members

  • Co-ordinate with government agencies on the status and current listing of SLOTS

  • Organise SCAL Charity Golf Tournaments

  • Organise SCAL Annual Dinners

  • Organise Family Days



Chairman : Mr Lee Kay Chai



  • To promote safety awareness and cultivate safe working habits among construction workers



  • Organize Annual Construction Safety, Health & Security Campaign

  • Hold regular meetings with Ministry of Manpower, Occupational Safety and Health Department

  • Hold ad-hoc committee meetings on guidelines and regulations for construction safety issues.



Chairman : Mr Ng Yek Meng



  • To facilitate members with information, highlighting the impact and making recommendation to the regulations and policies implemented/going to be implemented by the authorities and/or industrial bodies.

  • To gather feedback from members and communicate with the relevant parties to ensure the needs and interests of members are well looked after

  • To review and deliberate on manpower issues and policies pertaining to the construction industry



  • Attend dialogue/feedback/consultation sessions with the relevant ministries and authorities on manpower, regulation and policy issues

  • Inform members and gather feedback from them on new policies by various government agencies

  • Organise social and recreational activities for foreign workers



Chairman : Mr Dominic Choy



  • To enhance the productivity of the industry through building the capacity and capabilities of members



  • To encourage member on the use of technology (plants and equipments) in their businesses in order to achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

  • To introduce members on the current and/or latest system and technology that is available in the construction industry to improve productivity and to save in their business costs.

  • To create awareness of the financial schemes that is available in the industry for technology adoption.

  • To study on the productivity of the industry.



Chairman : Mr Kenneth Loo



  • To provide a regular newsletter which updates members on current news of the construction and building industry

  • To maintain a formal record of SCAL members in the The Contractor’s Director

  • To provide an informative and relevant Organizer for the beneficial use of employees in the construction and building industr

  • To collate and disseminate overseas market information to members

  • To market Singapore contractors as an entity as and when they participate in overseas missions, exhibitions and trade fairs

  • To initiate closer ground level contact among members for the purpose of sharing and exchanging overseas experiences



  • Produce quarterly newsletters – The Contractor to keep members up-to-date with industry and association news

  • Produce The Contractor’s Directory

  • Produce and sell the SCAL Construction Executive Organiser

  • Publish any other ad-hoc publications

  • Media liaisons and charity work

  • Give away Gold Awards and Book Prizes to local tertiary institutions

  • Receive foreign trade delegates and visitors

  • Organise foreign Trade Missions

  • Participate in Trade Exhibitions

  • Organise and participate in Conferences and exhibitions with an international thrust

  • Participate in IFAWPCA Mid-Term Board meetings and Conventions

  • To administer the Bursary Awards to Primary, Secondary and Junior College students

  • To administer the SCAL-Lu Ban Scholarship Awards


(including Information Technology)

Chairman : Dr Ho Nyok Yong



  • To ensure that the representation of SCAL in the drafting of national standards is effective in all respects

  • To appoint and monitor the performance of SCAL representatives with the aim to ensure that any industrial feedback furnished to professional bodies is in the general interest of the Association and its members

  • To promote the use of information technology in the construction industry in order to achieve greater efficiency and productivity



  • Appoint SCAL representatives to external committees for the establishment of standard practices

  • Peruse draft codes and comment, where possible

  • Promote standards and practices that have been developed or adopte

  • Organise IT and related courses, seminars and talks

  • Participate in ad-hoc IT projects organised by private / public enterprises