About Us

Tracing the footprints

What started in a humble shophouse in Chinatown in 1937 has now become the voice of the construction industry in Singapore. Singapore Contractors Association Limited (SCAL), formerly known as The Singapore Chinese Contractors Association, was founded in 1937 with the objective of instilling harmonious business relationships among local contractors as well as to ensure regular supplies of building materials and liaise with the British Master Builders Association.


After the 2nd World War, the Association changed its name to Singapore Contractors Association to reflect Singapore's multi-racial community and the Association's growing multi-ethnic membership. Major-General Lim Bo Seng, a brick manufacturer and successful contractor unified all the members into one united body in order to protect their common interests.


In 1977, the Singapore Building Contractors Society merged with Singapore Contractors Association and Singapore Contractors Association Ltd (SCAL) was born. This merger united all of Singapore’s building contractors to give the industry a solid voice and recognition. Thanks to the rapidly growing scale of activities, SCAL moved into own premises, Construction House, in 1984.


A remarkable track record

The significant contribution of SCAL members can be felt at every nook and corner of Singapore's iconic infrastructure and magnificent physical landscape. SCAL has every reason to feel proud as a major contributor to Singapore’s nation building process. SCAL members are responsible for over 75 per cent of Singapore’s built environment. Be it public housing HDB (Housing and Development Board) estates, schools, hi-tech factories in over 23 industrial parks, MRT stations, Malls, towering office complexes, ports, tunnels, roads, bridges and civil utilities, SCAL members have left their mark on every type of construction project in Singapore


SCAL today

SCAL today has expanded its reach by building bridges of cooperation with various regional and international bodies with similar goals and objectives. This has resulted in fellowship and collaboration amongst contractors in Singapore and their counterparts while facilitating an exchange of technology, information and business opportunities.


At home, as a voice of the construction industry, SCAL is represented in all important policy-making committees of 21 professional and government bodies. It is regularly in conversation with:

  • Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)

  • Ministry of Manpower (MOM)

  • Ministry of National Development (MND)

  • Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI).


SCAL is also in touch with various government bodies such as:

  • Building & Construction Authority (BCA)

  • Housing and Development Board (HDB)

  • Land Transport Authority (LTA)

  • National Environment Agency (NEA)

  • Jurong Town Council (JTC)

Additionally SCAL members interact with SPRING Singapore (Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board) to help formulate various construction related codes of practice, standards, and technical specifications.