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ISO 9001 Certification

SCAL acquired the ISO 9001 certification in 1996 and has maintained it ever since. This underlines the dedication and professionalism of team SCAL when it comes to achieving the highest quality standards. We are proud of our commitment to constantly upgrading the quality of our various business functions to remain in touch with the latest standards and qualities that ensure a safe and excellent working environment.


SCAL’s Council of Management, with its forward-looking vision, always has placed an emphasis on developing a robust quality management system for the operations of our Secretariat. This necessitated putting together an empowered team with high esteem and an indomitable spirit to proactively serve SCAL members’ interests and needs. Leading the movement and propelling Singapore’s construction industry towards the highest standards of quality and excellence, SCAL decided to set an example by attaining ISO9001 for itself and motivate its member contractors to move towards a total quality management system.


With the withdrawal of the old standards in December 2003, SCAL upgraded its Quality Management System to meet the new requirements, was assessed and re-certified to ISO9001:2000.