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SCAL Contracts and Practice Seminar 2017 on “Understanding Your Contractual Obligations to Better Manage Risks”

Understanding one’s obligations in a construction contract is important in order to manage contractual risk effectively, so as to avoid unnecessary claims and disputes. The Singapore Contractors Association together with SCAL Academy are pleased to organise a one-day seminar on “Understanding Your Contractual Obligations to Better Manage Risks”.

This seminar is relevant to those involved in the management or administration of contracts or interacting with those who do.

The Seminar includes topics on:

  1. SIA Building Contract 2016: Key Features & Changes

  2. Latest Development of Early Contractor’s Involvement (ECI)

  3. Legal Insights and Practical Tips on Termination and Suspension of Construction Contracts

  4. Payments between Contractors and Sub-Contractors with References to the SOP Act

  5. Pitfall of Applying “Back to Back” Provision

  6. Condition Precedence: Knife Cuts Both Ways

Kindly refer to the enclosed brochure for more details.  You may also refer to this link for more information and registration online.