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Productivity Clinic on 9 May 2014


02:00 PM

Classroom 1 at SCAL Construction House


The BCA-SCAL Productivity Clinic was set up for the purpose of assisting companies apply for funding to defray costs and boost productivity in their construction processes. Since its launch in Dec 2011, many companies have benefitted from this one-to-one consultation service. Likewise, your company can get ready for the upcoming challenges in our built -environment sector by signing up for our free productivity clinics!

Come and learn how your business can: Improve your workforce’s capability, Adopt new technologies,Re-engineer existing work processes to achieve greater productivity ,Achieve cost savings - all by tapping on the Construction Productivity and Capability Fund (CPCF)!

Officers from BCA will be at the clinic to advise you on the funding schemes available (e.g Mechanisation Credit, Productivity Improvement Projects & Workforce Training & Upgrading), and assist you with identifying potential areas of productivity improvement and the application of the relevant funding scheme(s).

Upon registration, a specific half-hour timeslot (within 2 to 5pm) will be assigned to you. In view of the tightening of manpower policy, we encourage you to actively participate in this consultation service and seek funding in all possible areas for productivity improvement


Circular_Productivity Clinic (9 May 2014)