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Circular No: WSH/076/06/WH
7 June 2019
The National Environment Agency (NEA) has alerted that dengue cases have been on the rise in recent weeks and are expected to increase further into the warmer months ahead.  With a short breeding cycle of seven days, keeping the mosquito population in check requires the joint efforts of every individual and stakeholder in the community to eradicate mosquito breeding habitats.
SCAL would like to urge all members and construction firms to step up their housekeeping and vector control to keep their construction sites mosquito free with the following activities:
• Conduct weekly checks on your premises to remove any source of stagnant water
• Conduct mozzie wipe out exercise regularly
• Observe closely potential mosquito breeding sites (such as partially filled skip tanks, plastic road barriers, canvas/plastic sheets, puddle       ground depression, discarded containers and open drains)
• Carry out remedial action to rectify structural defects that may result in water stagnation
• Carry out oiling or larviciding operations once a week or after every heavy downpour
• Engage dedicated pest control management team to prevent rodent infestation and to carry out mosquito prevention
Members may contact SCAL (Mr Yeo Wei How at tel: 66619380 email: or subsidiary SC2 (Mr Loh Yeow Leng, General Manager of SC2 at tel: 62729986 email: for further advisory or assistance on vector control. Advisory is attached for your attention.