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CIR: WSH/07/01/JT

18 January 2018


  1. SCAL wishes all members a Safe and Happy 2018!
  1. As part of our ongoing effort for greater workplace safety at construction sites, we will be scheduling a series of quarterly Safety Time-outs throughout the year as follows:

Ø January

Safety Time-out for Work-at-Height (WAH)

Ø April

Safety Time-out for Traffic Management

Ø August

Safety Time-out for Work-at-Height (WAH)

Ø November

Safety Time-out for Crane/Lifting operations



Safety Time-out for Work-at-height (18 Jan – 28 Feb 2018)


  1. Working at height incidents have been a main concern over the years, with falls from height being one of the major causes for workplace fatalities. It is vital that construction firms take action to ensure that WAH operations are performed safely. SCAL would like to call upon members to conduct their Safety Time-out on WAH at their project sites from now till 28 February 2018.


  1. The exercise should take stock and review all WAH activities to ensure safe operations. It should include, but not limited to areas such as:
  • The Fall Prevention Plan (FPP)
  • Permit-to-work (PTW)
  • Training
  • Edge protection
  • Fall protection


  1. To guide industry in implementing the Safety Time-out, the WSH Council has developed a checklist which has been attached for your reference. We strongly urge members to participate in this WAH Safety Time-out. Kindly return the attached participation form latest by 28 Feb 2018 on your commitment for the exercise indicating your schedule. Members who have carried out or are planning their safety time-out exercises one month prior and after this period are also welcome to submit their participation.


  1. As industry stakeholders, we are responsible to ensure that all personnel place workplace safety and health as their top priority at all times at their project sites. During the Safety Time-out exercise, we also encourage top management to conduct site walks with the project and safety teams to go through the checklist. For further enquiries, kindly contact Ms Justina Tan at Tel: 6661 9380, E-mail:

SCAL Advisory for the festive season

  1. As the festive season is nearing, SCAL would like to remind members to exercise greater caution as employees and workers plan for their long break and individuals feeling festive. Construction firms need to ensure that workplace safety practices continue to be observed at all times at their construction worksites. Attached is an advisory to ensure that safety is continually maintained during the festive period.


  1. We look forward to your active participation and thank you for your cooperation.