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Our Ref: WSH/042/03/ZW

29 Mar 2017


1.         It is vital that our members take action to ensure that WAH operations are performed safely.

2.         The Singapore Contractors Association (SCAL) would like to call upon our members to conduct a WAH Safety Time-Out at their project sites from 3 April 2017 (Mon) to 1 May 2017 (Mon) to take stock and review all WAH activities to ensure safe operations. 

3.         To assist the industry in implementing the “Safety Time-Out”, the WSH Council has developed a WAH Safety Time-Out checklist for our members to follow. Attached is a copy of the checklist.

4.         Members are encouraged to look into the following to prevent falls from heights:

  •        Fall Prevention Plan (FPP)
  •        Permit-to-work (PTW)
  •        Training
  •        Edge Protection
  •        Fall Protection

5.         We strongly urge SCAL members to participate in this WAH Safety Time-Out exercise. Kindly return the attached reply form on your commitment for the WAH Safety Time-Out exercise to be held from 3 April 2017 (Mon) to 1 May 2017 (Mon), please indicate your schedule of the Safety Time-Out in the attached form.

6.         As industry stakeholders, we are responsible to ensure that all personnel place workplace safety and health as the top priority at all times at all their project sites. During the Safety Time-Out, we encourage the top management to conduct a site walk with the project team and safety team and go through the checklist.

7.         For further enquiries, kindly contact Mr. Huang Zhiwei at Tel: 6661 9380, E-mail: