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Circular No: WSH/54/05/JT

2 May 2018

Call To Conduct SCAL Mozzie Wipe-out Exercise (May 2018)

  1. SCAL would like to call upon all members to conduct their mozzie wipe-out exercise at their project sites from now to 31 May 2018, Thursday.
  1. The mozzie wipe-out exercise should consist of identifying and destroying mosquito breeding habitats at project sites. Potential mosquito breeding habitats include water ponding, water receptacles, plastic/canvas sheets, discarded containers, open drains, etc.
  1. We would like to remind members the importance to always practice good housekeeping and vector control at their sites. Members may carry out intensive source reduction and housekeeping using the attached checklist (adopted from NEA’s Guidebook on Prevention of Mosquito Breeding).
  1. Kindly complete the online form indicating your schedule of your “Mozzie Wipe-out” exercise by clicking (ctrl-c) here or scan QR code below to participate latest by 31 May 2018. Members who have carried out or are planning to conduct their mozzie wipe-out exercises one month prior and after this period are also welcome to submit their participation.
  1. For further enquiries, kindly contact Ms Justina Tan at 66619380 or email We look forward to your active participation and thank you for your commitment.