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CIR: WSH/48/04/JT

11 April 2018

Call To Conduct SCAL Traffic Management Time-out Exercise (11 Apr – 11 May 2018)

  1. The Singapore Contractors Association (SCAL) would like to call upon members to conduct their safety time-out on traffic management at their project sites from now till 11 May 2018. The aim of this exercise is to encourage members to identify potential traffic safety lapses and provide advice to rectify them timely.
  1. To guide industry in implementing the traffic time-out, the Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC) developed a checklist which has been attached for your reference. This exercise could cover key areas such as securing of goods, onsite traffic management and safe driving on roads.
  1. We strongly encourage all members to participate in this time-out exercise to show your commitment towards keeping traffic at worksites safe. Kindly complete the online form by clicking here to participate latest by 11 May 2018. Members who have carried out or are planning to conduct their traffic time-out exercises one month prior and after this period are also welcome to submit their participation.


  1. For further enquiries, kindly contact Ms Justina Tan at 66619380 or email We look forward to your active participation and thank you for your commitment.