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Circular No:  CSR/26/02/WM

26 February 2021

Call for Applications for the SCAL-SBF Foundation Compassion Fund

The SCAL COVID-19 Fund was launched on 8 May 2020 by the Singapore Contractors Association Ltd (SCAL) to help the construction sector ride through the COVID-19 pandemic. The Fund provides eligible member firms with temporary relief to ease their financial difficulties.

In partnership with SBF Foundation and tapping on the SG Together Enhancing Enterprise Resilience (STEER) programme through Enterprise Singapore, the SCAL COVID-19 Fund has been inaugurated as the SCAL-SBF Foundation Compassion Fund.

SCAL members who have not previously applied for assistance under the SCAL COVID-19 Fund can now apply for assistance under this new fund. Eligible companies can receive a one-time support capped at $3,000 based on its local and foreign employee headcount. Areas of support include employee well-being (e.g. swab tests, and meals or delivery of meals), refurbishments to office and work premises (e.g. renovations to comply with safe management measures), and transportation (e.g. hire buses to transport employees).

To be eligible, the firm must be a SME1 SCAL member (Ordinary/Associate/Trade member/SLOTS) as at 1 April 2020. The firm will also be assessed on its financial difficulty.

To apply for the Fund, simply download the application form here and send in with all supporting documents to e-mail address

For more information or to make enquiries, do reach out to us at telephone number 6278 9577.


新加坡建筑商工会(SCAL)与新加坡工商联合总会(SBF)的爱心基金会的宗旨是援助受新型冠状病毒(COVID-19) 疫情的影响的建筑企业。此基金会提供短暂的经济援助给予面对经济困境的会员。

从未向新加坡建筑商公会申请援助的会员是可以向我们提交您的申请。  成功申请的公会会员会依据其公司的本地员工和外国员工的人数而获得一次性的援助。这援助金额顶限为新币3千元,范围包括以下:

•           员工福利(例如: 拭子测试和员工餐费)

•           为符合防疫措施所改造的办公室或工作场所的费用

•           交通费用(例如,租用巴士载送员工)




欲查询更多详情,请致电6278 9577与我们联系。

备注:申請以及援助的數額將依據SCAL-SBF 爱心基金会對個別公司的評估結果而定