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Circular No: WSH/178/08/WH


5 August 2020

Call to Conduct Safety Review for Resumption of Work

As more construction works are gradually restarting, SCAL would like to urge members to conduct a thorough safety review exercise before resumption of work and ensure adequate supervision provided for all work activities.

After an extended period of shutdown of construction sites, there will invariably be potential hazards during restart of site operations.

This exercise should take stock and review construction activities to ensure safe operations. It should include, but not limited to areas such as:

  1. Stability of structures and supports such as climbing formwork, hanging formworks, safety screens, etc
  2. Scaffolds including cantilever supports and suspended scaffolds
  3. Inspection and functionality test of tower cranes, crawler cranes, plant and machinery
  4. Stability of strutting and shoring for excavations and trenches
  5. Working at height and lifting activities
  6. Rigidity of all barricades and covers to floor openings
  7. Temporary Electrical Installations
  8. Vehicular and human access in the workplace
  9. Transportation of workers
  10. Storage of materials including hazardous chemicals
  11. Environmental hygiene and pests control issues
  12. Workers acclimatisation to hot weather after the long break

To help guide the industry in implementing the safety exercise, the WSH Council has developed checklists for your reference at the table below.


Sample Checklists


Sample checklist for lifting plan


Sample checklist for mobile crane


Sample checklist for pre-operation of forklifts


Sample checklist for pre-operation of vehicles


Sample checklist for formwork


Sample checklist for tower crane


Sample checklist for working at heights


Sample checklist for workplace housekeeping


Sample checklist for workplace traffic

 Step up Mosquito Preventive Efforts on Site

  • The National Environment Agency (NEA) has reported that we are facing one of the worst dengue outbreaks this year. Contractors are urged to maintain vector control efforts in their premises and to implement the following measures:
  1. Remove all unwanted items, organic waste and water-bearing receptacles daily
  2. Construction/Demolition waste to be removed on a regular basis
  3. Ensure building materials are properly stored under shelter to prevent accumulation of water
  4. Ensure drains are desilted weekly and continually maintained to prevent stagnation of water
  5. Identify long term and sustainable measures e.g. repair structural defects within properties which could lead to stagnation of water
  6. Level uneven ground to prevent water puddles
  7. Stagnant water in lorry bed and pails on the tipper trucks / lorries
  8. Add sand granular insecticide or BTI to stagnant water bodies that cannot be removed
  9. Ensure proper refuse management and to advocate a daily housekeeping regime
  10. Ensure proper housekeeping within site and CTQ
  11. Engage a licensed vector control operator to carry out vector inspections and treatment covering the entire site at least once a week

Despite these difficult times, workplace safety and health should still remain a top priority at project sites as construction activities resume.

Thank you for your cooperation.