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Circular No: WSH/18/02/wh

8 February 2021

Call to Conduct Working at Height Safety Time-out Exercise and Safe Operations over the Festive Period

Working at Height (WAH) incidents have been a main concern over the years, with falls from height being one of the major causes for workplace fatalities. It is vital that construction firms take action to ensure that WAH operations are performed safely. The Singapore Contractors Association Ltd (SCAL) would like to call upon members to conduct their WAH Safety Time-out exercise on at their project sites from now till 5 March 2021.

The exercise should take stock and review all WAH activities to ensure safe operations. It should include, but not limited to areas such as:

  • The Fall Prevention Plan (FPP)
  • Permit-to-work (PTW)
  • Training
  • Edge protection
  • Fall protection

To guide industry in implementing the Safety Time-out, WSH Council has developed a checklist which has been attached for your reference. We urge members to participate in this WAH Safety Time-out.

We would appreciate if you could indicate your schedule for conducting the exercises in the online form Here by 5 March 2021.

As industry stakeholders, we are responsible to ensure that all personnel place workplace safety and health as their top priority at all times at their project sites. During the Safety Time-out exercise, we also encourage top management to conduct site walks with the project and safety teams to go through the checklist.

In addition, with the Lunar New Year right ahead, SCAL would also like to remind all companies to stay vigilant at all times. Companies are also strongly encouraged to take additional precautions during this festive period such as the following:

  • Maintain adequate supervision for all work activities
  • Remind all workers to take personal responsibility of their work surroundings and take measures to eliminate potential work hazards for themselves and their co-workers
  • Minimise high-risk activities during the festive period if necessary and where possible
  • Conduct a special risk assessment for working during the festive period
  • Inform all relevant stakeholders of any hazard that may arise from changes to work processes / procedures
  • Remind all workers not to rush their work
  • Ensure all electrical, fire and security safety measures are in place and carry out proper housekeeping before ending / re-starting work over the festive period

We look forward to your active participation and thank you for your cooperation.