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Circular No: WSH/139/10/WH

31 October 2019

Call to conduct SCAL Safety Time-Out for Crane and Lifting Operations

  1. SCAL would like to call upon our members to conduct a Safety Time-Out for Crane and Lifting Operations at their project sites during the period of 1 November 2019 to 31 December 2019.

In 2019 to date, 6 cases of dangerous occurrences (DO) and 2 fatalities related to lifting operations were recorded. The incidents were said to be attributed to unsafe practices such as failure to extend outriggers and by-passing safety devices. Compared to the whole of 2018, where 12 DOs and no fatalities were recorded.

The construction sector had contributed to all the 6 DOs involving lorry cranes (2), crawler cranes (2) and mobile cranes (2), while a fatal incident happened when a worker was struck by a sheet pile. In addition, approximately 60 injury cases were recorded primarily from being struck by moving or falling objects, and being caught between objects.

  1. For this safety time-out exercise, we urge members to take time off from their routine operations to inspect and review various items, processes and practices pertaining to the use of lifting equipment. Please find the attached checklists on Mobile Crane, Lifting Plan, Tower Crane and Pictogram which members can use as guide in areas such as reviewing machinery requirements, conducting visual safety checks, or inspection for equipment to be properly certified. 
  1. We encourage all members to participate in this Safety Time-Out exercise to serve as a reminder of essential and best practices for safe use of mobile and tower cranes. Please complete the online form <here> latest by 6 January 2020 on your commitment for the exercise.
  1. Companies that have conducted their safety time-out exercises in October 2019 or planning to conduct in January 2020 are also welcomed to submit their participation.
  1. As industry stakeholders, we have responsibility to place workplace safety and health as our top priority. Therefore, your participation is of utmost importance. We thank you very much for your support and your participation is greatly appreciated.