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Circular No: M&P/40/03/kr

16 March 2021

Calling for members to improve accuracy and reliability of Pre-Departure Test (PDT) and identification of recovered workers to facilitate workers’ entry into Singapore

With the large numbers of migrant workers (MW) in the Construction, Marine and Process (CMP) sectors entering Singapore, it is critical that members work together to minimize the risk of imported COVID cases.

SCAL had worked with BCA and MOM to put in place measures to improve the Pre-Departure Test (PDT) process and make clear the PDT protocol to facilitate entry of recovered workers. Please refer to the annexes on the info that the agencies had shared with SCAL.

Annex A – Steps to identify recovered workers

Annex B – List of Overseas Clinic for PDT

For members who plan to bring in MWs, you should carry out the following steps to help you better identify the COVID status of the MWs at source countries:

  1. Determine COVID status of MWs at source country - Members should send the MWs for the PDT, i.e. both Serology and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test, at accredited clinics and laboratories listed in Annex . This will help you to determine the COVID status of the workers early (whether he is COVID negative or recovered).

COVID status

On arrival in Singapore

Recovered MW

Upon confirmation with on-arrival tests that the MW is a recovered worker, he would be exempted from the following for a period of time until further notice from MOH:

  • Remaining Stay-Home Notice (SHN)
  • Additional 7-day testing regime; and
  • Rostered Routine Testing (RRT)

COVID negative MW (PCR negative, serology negative)

Upon confirmation with on-arrival tests that the MW is COVID negative, he would need to serve 14-day SHN and undergo the additional 7-day testing regime (for MWs from higher risk countries / regions). Thereafter, they will be subjected to the RRT.


  1. Additional steps to protect the COVID negative MWs - For your MWs who are identified as COVID negative with the PDTs, members are strongly advised to arrange for them to be isolated for a period of time before their travel (for example, 7 days before travel) and conduct serology and PCR test at the start and at the end of the isolation period. Some members are practicing this for their MWs and the process has helped them to reduce the infection risk of their MWs.
  1. Members should also educate MWs to take the following precautionary measures prior and during their travel.
  • wear masks at all times and frequently wash hands using alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth. Guidelines to stay safe during travel can be referred to at
  • direct workers to prevent mingling in a group and always keep a safe distance of at least 1m from one another.
  • provide dedicated transport from the isolation location to the airport 
  • direct workers to keep the record of their test results (serology / PCR) conducted at source countries

Members can help to ease the manpower shortage situation by taking additional steps to ensure that the MWs brought in are COVID negative or recovered, this would effectively lead to lower or no imported COVID case and thus we could then work with the agencies to review the MWs inflow control. For a start, BCA and MOM are supportive of earlier entry of recovered workers and are prepared to allow more to come in over time if the outcome is good.

Thank you.