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Circular No: M&P/138/06/SJ

16 June 2020

Decanting of ‘clean’ workers from PBDs to existing, new or CTQs / TOLQs that have been completed or will be completing

BCA is working with MOM and JTF to facilitate the decanting of ‘clean’ workers from PBDs and other accommodations (GSF/CCF/CRFs) to the safe accommodation to prepare for restart.

Contractors with ready accommodation, i.e existing CTQs /TOLQs, newly completed CTQs/TOLQs or CTQ / TOLQ completing in 1 month and would like to decant their workers may submit their request by filling in the attached form and returning it to SCAL (Attn: Ms Daphne Pua at no later than this Thursday (18 June 2020).

For further information, please contact Ms Daphne Pau at email: