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Circular No: M&P/146/11/JY

16 November 2017

Enhanced CONQUAS Scheme and Completion of CONQUAS Assessment

The Build and Construction Authority (BCA) has introduced an Enhanced CONQUAS Scheme to be applied to all applications for new private residential projects received with effect from 15 November 2017 as follows:

  1. Developers or main contractors
    1. with no CONQUAS track record for private residential development in the past 3 years, or
    2. has at least one private residential development with CONQUAS score below the threshold CONQUAS score1
  1. All other developers or main contractors
    1. to be decided after the initial CONQUAS score2 is generated


1The threshold CONQUAS score is set at 3 points below the bottom 20th percentile of industry average CONQUAS score for private residential projects in the preceding year

2The initial CONQUAS score will be derived after 20% of the required architectural internal finishes samples are completed

For more information on Enhanced CONQUAS Scheme and the threshold CONQUAS, please click here.

BCA would like to highlight that all locations within a building project are to be provided for sampling during CONQUAS assessment till completion. Developers/contractors are advised to ensure that CONQUAS assessments are completed prior to TOP or CSC inspection application, whichever comes first. This will help to ensure major defects raised during CONQUAS assessments are rectified prior to the TOP/CSC inspections.

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