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Circular No: WSH/25/02/wh

23 February 2021

Ensuring proper controls to maintain good workplace safety and health at worksites

The Singapore Contractors Association Ltd (SCAL) has been alerted of two separate worksite fatalities that happened on Saturday 20 February and Sunday 21 February 2021. While the cases are still being investigated, both involved operations of equipment and machinery over a weekend period.

We would like to remind all construction firms on the importance of maintaining tight control over Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) practices at all times. In particular, there should be adequate supervision and safeguards to ensure that only authorised personnel have access to, and can operate equipment and machinery.

SCAL had earlier called upon members to conduct a Work at Height (WAH) Safety Time-out, and would urge members to also conduct a Safety Time-out on the use of machinery.

To guide industry in implementing the Safety Time-out, you may refer to the following sample checklists developed by WSH Council:

  1. Lifting Plan Checklist 
  1. Tower Crane Checklist 
  1. Mobile/ Crawler Crane Checklist 
  1. Forklift Pre-Operational Checklist 
  1. Vehicle Pre-Operational Checklist 
  1. Workplace Traffic Checklist 
  1. WSH Management System Checklist 

We would appreciate if you could indicate your schedule for conducting the exercises in the online form Here by 5 March 2021. We seek your commitment and active role to prevent injuries and ill-health at our workplaces.