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Circular No: M&P/187/08/WH

20 August 2020

Express of interest in Quick-Built Dorms (QBDs) & Non Quick-Built Dorms (Non-QBDs)

The government is rolling out a number of QBDs and non-QBDs to help de-densify the Purpose Built Dormitories while helping projects to cohort their workers in these accommodations. SCAL is working with BCA to seek members’ interest in taking up these QBDs and non-QBDs sites for their projects.

The preliminary list of QBDs and non-QBDs sites and the estimated completion dates are included in the attached excel. Members who are interested to take up specific QBDs and non-QBDs sites, please fill in the spreadsheet ‘Template for returns’ in the attached excel and email to by 25 August 2020.

Subsequently, BCA will link up the interested contractors with the QBDs and non-QBDs operators (once they are on-board) for both parties to negotiate their tenancy contracts accordingly.