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Circular No: M&P/096/07/WH

10 July 2019

Feedback on Removal of Factory Registrations for Construction Worksites

MOM has informed that starting 1 April 2019, construction companies do not need to register new worksites.

Contractors can start site preparation and building operations in the worksite without factory registration. Risk management declaration is not required without factory registration.

However, BCA’s permit to carry out structural works is still required for building works as defined under the Building Control Act and its Regulations. More information can be found from MOM’s website (

We understand that members may have queries regarding to the new regulations, as such SCAL would like to collect your feedbacks/ questions on the regulation and will be directed to MOM and BCA for clarification.

Please provide your feedbacks by HERE ( by 15 July 2019. Please note that depending on the amount of feedbacks received, we can only select the most relevant and frequently asked questions to forward to MOM and BCA.