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Circular No: M&P/44/03/tl

18 March 2021

Gradual Increase in Entry Approval Quota for Foreign Employees

SCAL has provided feedback to the relevant authorities on the difficulties faced by members in applying for entry approval for their foreign employees.

We would like to share that the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) has considered SCAL’s feedback and MOM will gradually increase the entry approval quota starting next week. MOM will monitor and control the increase of quota to manage the risks of imported cases.    

Members are advised to make every effort to ensure that your workers undergo Pre-

Departure Test (PDT) at accredited clinics and laboratories at source countries.

This is to ensure the PDT result is reliable and accurate. The list of accredited clinics

and laboratories is attached herewith for your reference.