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Circular No: M&P/091/04/WH

12 April 2020

Guide for safe distancing for workers on transport lorries

Following our earlier advisory on safe distancing measures at workplaces and transporting of workers when carrying out essential works (Circular No: M&P/087/04/WH dated 10 April 2020) we attach a pictorial to serve as guide for members to implement safe distancing measures for transport lorries.

Members are reminded that during transportation of workers, measures should be implemented as follows:

  1. No passenger allowed in front seat;
  2. Review maximum seating capacity of each lorry;
  3. Have at least 1m clear spacing of workers in all direction;
  4. Each sitting location to be clearly mark or labelled on the transport vehicles;
  5. Communicate to lorry drivers and workers to ensure effective implementation; and
  6. Workers to wear a mask throughout the journey as well as in the workplace

For more information on compliance to safe distancing measures for workers ferried by lorries, please also refer to attached MOM advisory dated 10 April 2020.