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Circular No: P&T/212/09/KR

30 September 2020


iNPQS Pte Ltd was jointly set up by Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA), Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES) and Association of Consulting Engineers Singapore (ACES) to develop a cloud-based digital platform aimed at harmonising the industry’s building specifications for achieving greater efficiency and quality in the design, procurement and construction processes.

Ahead of its official launch in November 2020, iNPQS Pte Ltd is offering a complimentary subscription from now till 31 Dec 2020. Below are the savings you can achieve with an early response to subscribe to the platform:

  1. An early bird discount of 10% of our promotional offer if you sign up by 31 Oct 2020 for a 2-years subscription (1+1 offer) which will commence from 1 Jan 2021 to 31 Dec 2022.
  2. Get up to 80% PSG grant for SMEs who subscribe before 31 Dec 2020. For SMEs signing up from 1st Jan 2021, the PSG grant is up 70%. Terms and conditions apply.
  3. Members of SIA/IES/ACES, other Partner Institutes/Associations and GPEs will get to enjoy special rates for signing up during this promotional period.

For further details on the iNPQS subscription, advertisment or sponsorship, please refer to the attached documents.

For further queries, please contact Mr. Louis Lee at 9823 3306 or at