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Circular No: WSH/066/05/ZW

 19 May 2017

Please refer to our circular dated 9 May 2017 (Ref: WSH/054/05/ZW) calling upon members to conduct a “Mozzie Wipe-out” exercise at their project sites from 9 May (Tue) to 2 June 2017 (Fri).

If you have not done so, we would appreciate it if you could indicate your participation in the form attached and return it to If your worksites are also conducting the mozzie wipe-out within a month or so outside the period of 9 May to 2 June 2017, please also indicate and return the participation form to be included as part of this exercise as well.

Members may conduct the mozzie wipe-out exercise using the attached checklist (adopted from NEA’s Guidebook on Prevention of Mosquito Breeding) as a guide in locating potential breeding sites. Upon completion, please return the checklist to by 2 July 2017. You may also attach photographs or a short report on how you have conducted your mozzie wipe-out exercise.

To protect homes and workplaces from dengue and Zika, SCAL would like to urge members to take proactive steps to identify and destroy potential mosquito-breeding habitats such as water ponds, water receptacles, plastic/canvas sheets, discarded containers, open drains, etc.

Should you have any queries, kindly contact Mr. Huang Zhiwei at tel: 6661 9380 or e-mail: