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Circular No:  MW/161/12/WM

4 December 2018

New Payment Option for SCAL Members - PayNow Corporate

1.      PayNow Corporate is a funds transfer service which allows you to make payments using your smartphones, tablets or internet banking simply by either:

  1. Keying in the Unique Entity Number (UEN) of the company that you are paying, or
  2. Scanning a QR code.

 2.      We are pleased to inform members that SCAL has enabled PayNow Corporate. Members can make payments to SCAL simply by keying in SCAL’s UEN 197702862E. For added convenience, a QR code is also available on SCAL’s website ( and displayed in the SCAL office in the reception area.

 3.      No registration is necessary and members can make payments to SCAL through PayNow Corporate if they have a bank account with any of the following banks:

  1. Citibank
  2. DBS
  3. HSBC
  4. Maybank
  5. OCBC
  6. POSB
  7. Standard Chartered Bank
  8. UOB

4.      IMPORTANT NOTE TO MEMBERS: There may be bank charges for making payments through PayNow Corporate. Members are kindly advised to check with their banks on how much are the bank charges, if any.

 5.      Kindly refer to the attached brief FAQ and Appendix about making payments through PayNow Corporate Attached, prepared for members’ easy reference.

  1.  Members who have any questions about PayNow Corporate should contact their respective banks, or if appropriate, contact SCAL at 6278 9577.