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Circular No.: C&P/103/08/tl

15 August 2018

Nomination To SCAL Domestic Subcontract Workgroup

In 2005 the Singapore Contractors Association Ltd (SCAL) published the SCAL Conditions of Subcontract for Domestic Subcontracts to provide a comprehensive contractual framework between main contractors and domestic sub-contractors. With evolving construction and subcontracting practices, SCAL is setting up a workgroup to review the document to make it more current and relevant for industry adoption.

We are pleased to invite nominations of suitably qualified representatives from SCAL members, including SLOTS registered subcontractors, to be appointed on the Domestic Subcontract Workgroup under the auspices of SCAL’s Contracts and Practice Subcommittee. The nominee should have experience in contracts management and/or holding a senior quantity surveyor position. All members of the Workgroup are expected to contribute and be able to attend meetings on a regular basis.

Interested members may submit nominations in the form attached, together with a curriculum vitae of the nominee to by 31 August 2018.

For any enquires, kindly contact Ms Lim Tian Lee at 6661 9377.