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Circular No: C&P/234/10/tl

26 October 2020

 Recovery of Advance Payment for HDB’s PPVC Projects

With the current pandemic situation, work has just restarted at project sites and there is very little work done in the first few months of restart. Members have provided feedback to SCAL on the problem faced with the recovery of advance payment of PPVC for HDB projects.

SCAL has made a request to HDB to consider applying the same principle of the advance payment recovery as stated in BCA’s circular “Treatment of Claims Arising from COVID-19 in Public Sector Construction Contracts” dated 25 September 2020 for those PPVC projects where HDB has already commenced or about to commence the recovery of the advance payment. The BCA’s circular is attached for your easy reference.

HDB has assured that in this trying period, they will do their best to help the industry and they are open to consider contractors’ request on the deferment of the recovery of the Advance Payment for PPVC.

Members who are facing such problem may contact Ms Angela Lim from HDB at to work out a revised recovery plan.