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Circular No: M&P/55/05/JY

3 May 2018

Request for Industry Inputs for MERCOSUR-Singapore FTA Negotiation

The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) will soon begin negotiations with MERCOSUR for the MERCOSUR-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Agreement. The FTA will include Singapore and the South American Trade Bloc comprising Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Upon successful conclusion and implementation, the agreement could benefit Singapore-based companies through a reduction or elimination of import duties, to boost the cost-competitiveness of exports to the various markets. Apart from tariff benefits, businesses may also gain from improved market access for services sectors as well as from the opening of committed sectors for greater foreign investment.

To assess the relevance and usefulness of the FTA for businesses, kindly assist to complete the attached survey form and send the completed form to by 10 May 2018. Your inputs will help gather valuable feedback on opportunities and issues faced by companies in exporting and doing businesses in these markets.