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Circular No: M&P/53/03/kr

5 April 2021

Requesting for support from contractors to urge employees to take up vaccination

As announced in MOH’s media release in early Mar 2021, migrant workers who have not been infected with Covid-19 and are staying in any of the 5 largest dormitories have been prioritised for vaccination.

Recently, BCA noted that some workers staying in the prioritised dormitories did not go for their vaccination as they were uncertain about the efficacy of the vaccines they are receiving, or due to preference for certain vaccines or due to work commitment. 

We would like to highlight that vaccines approved for use in Singapore would have met high safety, quality and effectiveness standards. As such, when the workers are invited for vaccination, they should not have to worry about the particular vaccine they will be receiving. 

To address workers’ concerns, please refer to to clarify workers’ doubts and allay their concerns. Educational materials on Covid-19 vaccination can also be found at (

To strengthen the resilience of our dormitories, workplace and community against Covid-19, we would like to strongly encourage members to urge their employees to take up vaccination and protect themselves against COVID-19 as early as possible when they are offered.

Members are advised to avail employees to attend the vaccination session. After completing the full course of COVID-19 vaccination, the vaccinated employees will be placed on the revised testing cycle progressively and subjected to a lower frequency of Rostered Routine Testing. The testing schedule will be automatically updated on the Swab Registration System (SRS).

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