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Circular No: WSH/68/05/tl

Workplace Safety and Health | For Information 

4 May 2021

SCAL’s Construction Site Traffic Management Guide

In construction sites, providing an effective site traffic management program will reduce risks of traffic-related accidents happening in work sites.  Traffic-related accidents could lead to loss of lives, human injuries and property damage.  They may also result in stop work orders leading to loss in productivity and reputation, and have an impact on business opportunities to the contractor.  Therefore, it is crucial that contractors provide sufficient attention to site traffic management at their worksites.

We are pleased to inform members of the release of SCAL’s Construction Site Traffic Management Guide.

The SCAL’s Construction Site Traffic Management Guide provides some of the hazards that can lead to traffic-related accidents, and recommends control measures to help eliminate or mitigate these safety risks. It also provides an update on available innovative tools to manage site traffic-related issues.

The SCAL’s Construction Site Traffic Management Guide can be downloaded from SCAL’s website by clicking <HERE> or by scanning the QR Code below.

We hope that members will find the Guide useful in managing their worksites and reduce their risks from traffic-related safety accidents and hazards.

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