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Welcome Speech by SCAL President, Mr Kenneth Loo, SCAL Environment Sustainability Conference 2018, at SCAL Construction House on 31 May 2018

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1. Good morning and a very warm welcome to the 8th SCAL Environment Sustainability Conference 2018. I would like to thank all of you for taking time off to be updated on sustainable building practices in construction.


Impact of buildings and construction activities

2. Buildings have a huge impact on the environment. Apart from the waste materials and noise generated during construction, buildings are Singapore’s second largest energy consumer, using almost a third of the nation’s electricity.                     

3. As part of Singapore’s commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement, the government has called for the sector to reduce our carbon footprint, implement new solutions and innovations that would bring about a more sustainable and energy-efficient future for construction.


Industry efforts to advocate green buildings

4. To raise environmental sustainability standards in the sector, BCA launched the Green and Gracious Builder Scheme (GGBS) in February 2009 to promote environment protection and gracious practices during the construction phase of projects. Since then, many contractors have taken ownership to adopt the best practices as stated in the Green and Gracious Builder Guide.

5. Last year, BCA announced updates on its 3rd Green Building Masterplan. This included additions to the Green Mark Scheme Series with aims to accelerate greening of existing buildings.


SCAL efforts to advocate green and sustainable practices

6. As the industry champion, SCAL has embarked on a series of initiatives to raise awareness and educate members on the importance of green buildings and its benefits.

7. In 2016, we enhanced our Safety Management Assessment Audit for registration under the Singapore List of Trade Subcontractors, or SLOTS, by incorporating environment sustainability as an evaluation criterion. Contractors would have to go through the new scheme renamed as Safety and Green Management Assessment, or SgMa Audit before their yearly membership renewal.

8. SCAL has also been organising this conference since 2010 to update industry on green building and sustainability through an array of related topics. These conferences also serve as a platform for sharing environmentally sustainable practices and raising awareness of assistance provided through the various government schemes.


Launch of the 5th Edition of the SCAL-PUB Guidebook

9. Beyond the GGBS, SCAL has also been active in helping contractors to comply with requirements for earth control measures, or ECM, under the Sewerage and Drainage Act. Construction activities generate a lot of silt and mud that needs to be filtered off before discharging to our waterways and reservoirs.

10. One of the key initiatives that we have been working with the Public Utilities Board, or PUB, over the past 17 years, is the publication of a guidebook on Erosion and Sediment Control at Construction Sites.

11. Today, SCAL will be launching the 5th edition of the guidebook. I am pleased to have PUB to present on the revised guidebook. SCAL will be distributing a copy to all participants at the end of the seminar. I hope you will continue to find it useful in providing clear guidelines and step-by-step processes for site personnel to carry out ECM at every stage of construction works to reduce upstream pollution, thereby keeping our waterways clean.



12. Before I conclude, I would like to thank all our speakers who have made their time available today. I would also like to thank Mr Ng Yek Meng, Chairman of our Environment Sustainability Sub-committee and his members, as well as the secretariat staff for organising this conference.

13. I wish you all a productive session ahead. Thank you.



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