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Our Ref: P&T/069/05/JY

 26 May 2017

Productivity and innovation are the key to improving competitiveness of the construction sector and to reduce its reliance on manpower. To promote continuous growth of the construction industry, the Singapore Contractors Association Ltd (SCAL) is committed to leading its members to achieve higher productivity through innovation. In line with this, SCAL is organising the Productivity & Innovation Awards (PIA) 2017.

The objectives of PIA are

(a) To spur new ideas and encourage “thinking out of the box” in construction methods, processes and products

(b) To encourage involvement by staff in the construction sector to create innovative projects/products that will result in significant improvements at their workplaces

Applications for PIA 2017 are now open to all SCAL members. Detailed information on the guidelines and application, criteria and awards can be found in the attached documents. All applications must be received by SCAL by 5.00 pm on 15 August 2017.

For further enquiries or clarification, please contact Ms Jeanette Yew at email: or Tel: 66619379.