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Ref: WSH/24/02/JT

27 Feb 2018


  1. The Singapore Contractors Association has sent a circular (Ref: WSH/09/01/JT) out on 23 January 2018 to invite all contractors to participate in SCAL Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Innovation Award 2018. We would like to remind and encourage all contractors to participate in this competition.
  1. The Singapore Contractors Association is pleased to organise the WSH Innovation Awards 2018 for the construction industry. Our aim is to share and exchange innovative projects which were completed in 2017 which have resulted in an improvement in the safety and health performance aspect within the workplaces. The shortlisted project teams will be judged and awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze respectively.3We will like to invite interested companies to participate in the WSH Innovation Awards 2018. Please submit your applications in hard copies to SCAL latest by 02 Apr 2018 via walk-in (during office hours) or mailing only. Note that no online submissions or soft copies will be accepted.
  1. Please refer to the application form (as attached) for more information.
  1. For mailing submission, kindly address to:

             Ms Justina Tan

The Singapore Contractors Association Ltd

Construction House, 1 Bukit Merah Lane 2

Singapore 159760

  1. For walk-in submission, kindly visit us during office hours:

       Monday – Friday, 9am- 6pm

Saturday, 9am- 12pm

  1. Please feel free to contact Ms Justina Tan at or call 66619380 if you have further enquiries. We look forward to your active participation and thank you.