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Circular No.: C&P/048/04/tl

2 April 2019                                                    


We are pleased to inform members that SCAL has launched the Singapore Construction Mediation Centre Pte Ltd (SCMC), a wholly-owned subsidiary to provide mediation service for members to resolve construction disputes amicably.

The objective of SCMC is to encourage mediation as an effective and cost-efficient channel where amicable and early settlement of disputes will eliminate lengthy and costly court proceedings. Supporting SCMC is a panel of trained and experienced mediators with construction knowledge and background to facilitate the mediation.

For detail information on SCMC, please visit our website  Members seeking to resolve current construction disputes may download the relevant forms to initiate a mediation.

For further information on SCMC, you may contact:

Singapore Construction Mediation Centre

Construction House

1 Bukit Merah Lane 2

Singapore 159760

Tel: 6278 9577    Fax: 6273 3977