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Circular No:  S&Q/32/03/KR

2 March 2021

Seeking feedback and recommendation on Safe Management Measures that hinder site works

The implementation of Safe Management Measures (SMM) is crucial in ensuring a Safe Workforce for the construction industry. However, there has been feedback that some SMM have been excessive which hinder site works and productivity. Thus, The Singapore Contractors Association (SCAL) would like to seek the feedback from members on how these Safe Management Measures (SMM) have hindered site works and productivity.

SCAL will collate members’ feedback and work with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) to review SMM that could be progressively stepped down.

Please click on the link here to enter the survey form.

Your feedback will be much appreciated and useful for SCAL to work with relevant agencies to review possible SMM that could be progressively stepped down while ensuring COVID-Safe workforce and worksites.