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Circular No.: M&P/106/08/JT

16 Aug 2018


Under the National Standardisation Programme, Enterprise Singapore (ESG) invites public comments on a monthly basis to seek feedback on the development and review of Singapore Standards, based on an open system and the principle of consensus which are in accordance with the World Trade Organisation (WTO) & international standardisation requirements.

ESG is inviting comments on the following standards:

Title of standards Closing date for comments
Review outcome of SS 5

Methods of test for paints, varnishes and related mateirals (SS5)

Confirmation with amendment

Part B7: Density (with Amendment No. 1)

Confirmation without amendment

Part D2: Surface drying time (ballotini method)

Part E2: Determination of contrast ratio (opacity) of light-coloured paints at a fixed spreading rate

Part F1: Bend test (cylindrical mandrel)

Part F2: Scratch test

Mature standards

Part B10: Spraying properties

Part C2: Determination of aluminium metal content

Part C4: Determination of low concentrations of mercury in paint by atomic absorption spectroscopy

Part D4: No-pick-up time


Part F4: Abrasion resistance by falling abrasive

4 October 2018
New (drafts are available for comment)

*Self-ballasted compact fluorescent lamps for general lighting services – Performance requirements (Identical adoption of IEC 60969 : 2016)

*Water efficiency management systems – Requirements with guidance for use (Identical adoption of the upcoming ISO 24526)

*Activities relating to drinking water, wastewater and stormwater services – Vocabulary (Identical adoption of the upcoming ISO 24513)

4 October 2018

Codes of practice for use and maintenance of portable fire extinguishers (SS 578 : 2012)

Technical Reference for facility design guidelines for acute general hospitals (TR 42 : 2015)

4 September 2018

*NOTE – Users can login at the Singapore Standards eShop and view the drafts during the public comment period. 


Please refer to attached document for details. For further information or enquiries, please contact Mrs Kay Chua from ESG at .