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Circular No: S&Q/21/02/JY

23 February 2018

Singapore Standards for Public Comment – February 2018

SPRING Singapore invites comments on Singapore Standards from the public on a monthly basis to seek feedback on the development of Singapore Standards, based on an open system and the principle of consensus which are in accordance with the World Trade Organisation (WTO) & international standardisation requirements.

SPRING would like to invite comments on the standards relevant to you:

Title of Draft/Singapore Standards


Closing date for comments

Revised (drafts available for comment)

6 March 2018

*Code of practice for the processing and handling of quick frozen foods (Revision of CP 46 : 1989)


*Hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) system for food industry- Requirements with guidance for use (Revision of SS 444 : 2010)


New work items (drafts are not available at this juncture)

16 March 2018

Code of practice for the productive and safe use of glass doors in building construction

Safety considerations in gate design and operation

Code of practice for maintenance and repair of automobiles in motor workshops

Temporary edge protection systems for fall protection


Code of practice for temporary electrical installations (3 parts)

Code of practice for lighting of work places (3 parts)

*NOTE – Users can login at the Singapore Standards eShop and view the drafts during the public comment period. 

Please find attached document for details of the Singapore Standards.

For any comments, please feel free to reply to Ms Jeanette Yew at