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Circular No: S&Q/123/10/JY

5 October 2017

Singapore Standards for Public Comment


SPRING Singapore invites comments on Singapore Standards from the public on a monthly basis to seek feedback on the development of Singapore Standards, based on an open system and the principle of consensus which are in accordance with the World Trade Organisation (WTO) & international standardization requirements.

SPRING would like to invite comments on the standards relevant to you:


Title of Draft/Singapore Standards


Closing date for comments

New and revision (drafts available for comment)

12 October 2017

*Biological evaluation of medical devices (Identical adoption of ISO 10993) (4 parts)

*Medical devices – Application of risk management to medical devices (Identical adoption of ISO 14971:2007)

*Clinical investigation of medical devices for human subjects – Good clinical practice (Identical adoption of ISO 14155:2011)

*Medical electrical equipment (Identical adoption of the upcoming IEC 60601) (2 parts)

*Medical laboratories – Requirements for quality and competence (Identical adoption of ISO 15189:2012)

*Point-of-care testing (POCT) – Requirements for quality and competence (Identical adoption of ISO 22870:2016)

*Code of practice for electrical installations (Revision of SS CP 5 : 1998) (Modified adoption of BS 7671 : 2008 incorporating Amendments 1, 2 and 3)   

*Rotating electrical machines (Adoption of IEC 60034) (3 parts)

*Compressed air – Energy efficiency – Assessment (Adoption of ISO 11011:2013)

*Fans – Efficiency classification for fans (Adoption of ISO 12759:2010)

*Industrial furnaces and associated processing equipment – Method of measuring energy balance and calculating efficiency – General methodology (Adoption of ISO 13579-1:2013)

*Pump system energy assessment (Adoption of ISO/ASME 14414 : 2015)

*Code of practice for workplace noise control (Revision of CP 99 : 2003)

*Gas cylinders – Terminology [Revision of SS 447 : 1998 (2011)] (Identical adoption of ISO 10286 : 2015)

*Specification for playground equipment for public use (Revision of SS 457 : 2007) (Modified adoption of ASTM F1487 : 2017)


Specification for fluid power systems and components – Graphic symbols and circuit diagrams – Graphic symbols (SS 251 :1996)


Amendment 1 to Code of practice for design, installation and maintenance of escalators and moving walks (SS 626 : 2017)

*NOTE – Users can login at the Singapore Standards eShop and view the drafts during the public comment period. 

Please find attached document for details of the Singapore Standards.

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