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Circular No: M&W/010/01/KR

29 January 2019

Singapore Standards for public comments

Under the National Standardisation Programme, Enterprise Singapore invites the public to comment and give feedback on Singapore Standards, which are developed based on an open system and the principle of consensus in accordance with the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and international standardisation requirements.

Enterprise Singapore would like to gather public comments and feedback on the following standards:

Title of standards


Closing date for comments

*Revision (draft is available for comment)


12 March 2019

Code of practice for formwork (Revision of SS 580 : 2012)

12 February 2019


Manhole tops and surface-box tops [SS 30 : 1999 (2012)]

Technical Reference for management consultants (TR 43 : 2015)

* Users can login at the Singapore Standards eShop and view the drafts during the public comment period. A copy of the draft of Singapore Standard for formwork (Draft SS 580.pdf) has been attached for your convenience.

** Standards which are open for review are current and in use. These standards are available for free viewing at Toppan Leefung Pte Ltd and all public libraries. Otherwise, individuals who wish to acquire a copy would have to purchase one from the Singapore Standards eShop.

All comments are to be emailed to Your comments will be taken into consideration before the standards are finalised.

Further details (inclusive of those from other industries) of the Singapore Standards for public comment can be found in the attached document (PC-11Jan19.pdf) and at the Enterprise Singapore website.