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Our Ref: WSH/023/02/ZW

15 Feb 2017


To:       All Members / SLOTS Registered Contractors                                  Via Email

Attn:   CEO /MD /ED/ GM  


Dear Sir / Madam,

ISRE 2017 - Step Up Mosquito Control Measures

The National Environment Agency (NEA) has initiated an Intensive Source Reduction Exercise (ISRE) 2017 to step up efforts to remove actual and potential breeding habitats to reduce the risk of dengue transmission.

NEA has identified the following top 5 mosquito breeding habitats detected in construction sites:

1.       Canvas sheets / Plastic sheets

2.       Puddle / Ground depression

3.       Domestic containers

4.       Discarded receptacles

5.       Safety barriers

NEA and SCAL urge all contractors to conduct the exercise before the dengue peak season. Members may use the attached checklist as a guide for periodical inspection.

For enquiries, kindly contact Mr Huang Zhiwei at or Tel (direct line): 6661 9380.



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ISRE 2017_14 Feb 2017

ISRE Checklist_Construction Sites