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Our Ref: S&Q /007/01/JY

12 January 2017

The Building and Construction Authority is implementing the CONQUAS 9th edition. The aim is to strengthen the existing criteria to enhance the synergies between quality and productivity. CONQUAS was first introduced to measure the quality of building projects, which has since evolved to keep pace with changes and improvements in processes and technology, and meeting end-users’ expectations.


The two main objectives in this latest development include:

1)       Promote the adoption of Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) , which supports quality and productivity;

2)       Ensure CONQUAS score commensurate with end-users’ expectations on workmanship quality

Please find attached file for the summary of the key changes. The CONQUAS 9th edition manual can be found here.

The CONQUAS 9th edition will apply to tenders for projects called on or after 1 January 2017. For further enquiries, please feel free to contact Mr Goh Thiam Lai at 6730 4497 or email at or Ms Gloria He at 6730 4572 or email at


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