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Our Ref: WSH/173/12/ZW

08 December 2016

1.         In our continuing push to enhance workplace health and safety at construction sites, the Singapore Contractors Association (SCAL) would like to remind members to conduct regular safety time-outs to take stock of the existing safety provisions, implement necessary measures to keep safety practices in check and uphold good WSH standards.

2.         SCAL would like to call upon our members to conduct a Safety Time-Out for operations of mobile and tower cranes at their project sites during the period from 10 Dec 2016 to 24 Dec 2016. For this safety time-out exercise, members will take time-off from their routine operations to inspect and review various items, processes and practices pertaining to the use of lifting equipment.  Attached in this mail are checklists which members can use as a guide in areas such as reviewing machinery requirements, conducting visual safety checks, or inspection for equipment to be properly certified.

3.         We encourage all members to participate in this Safety Time-Out exercise to serve as a reminder of essential and best practices for safe use of mobile and tower cranes. Kindly return the attached reply form on your commitment for this Safety Time-Out exercise by 24 Dec 2016. Upon completion of the exercise, please send us a short report, your checklists and photographs for record purposes.


4.         As industry stakeholders, we have a responsibility to place workplace safety and health as the top priority. Therefore, your participation is utmost important.



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