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2 July 2018

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Dear Members

iAdvisory Seminar: International Tradeshows 101

The iAdvisory Seminar is a platform for Enterprise Singapore and SMEs to gain practical tips to develop your company’s key capabilities and expand overseas. You will hear from guest speakers and trainers who are business practitioners in their respective specialised field of expertise. 


Through this platform, Enterprise Singapore aims to help Singapore companies to shorten the learning curve and ease entry into foreign markets.


International Tradeshows 101: maximize your tradeshow participation

With good planning and execution, International tradeshows are effective platforms for companies to increase brand exposure, testbed products, and generate leads. The value that tradeshows offer can be tremendous- from business networking, to uncovering competitor and customer insights, which contribute to informed decision making and strategic planning.

To reap maximum benefits, companies should determine the critical success factors for tradeshow participation, invest on the execution, and follow through with results. 
Join us to get tips from a tradeshow expert on how to improve your overall participation experience.

Seminar Highlights: 

  1. Understand tradeshows and learn to select suitable events to participate in. 
  2. Gather insights on how to plan for a successful tradeshow and find out what are the actions to take after each event
  3. Learn how to improve your overall tradeshow performance

Please find attached below the event EDM with full details for your reference. Should you like to register for the seminar, please click on the EDM below.

Kindly note that registration is on a first come first serve basis.

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Programme outline:



930 – 1000am

Introduction to Tradeshows

Mathias Kuepper, Managing Director, Koelnmesse

  • Understanding the purpose of tradeshows
  • Setting the right objectives / Managing Expectations
  • Choosing suitable tradeshows to participate in

1000 – 1100am

Pre-tradeshow: Planning to ensure successful tradeshow participation

Mathias Kuepper, Managing Director, Koelnmesse

  • Budgeting: planning for tradeshow financing and what to look out for (e.g. logistics/setup cost consideration etc and the typical price range)
  • Manpower: selecting the relevant staff and training required to ensure that they are equipped to support and engage the visitors on site
  • Booth design and construction, logistics, travel arrangements

Maximising tradeshow participation with marketing and PR
Illka Gobius, Managing Director, PINPOINT PR

  • Marketing tactics that will get you noticed as an exhibitor and ensure that prospects visit your booth
  • How to plan your social media campaign and draw attention to your booth, pre-event and on-site
  • Leveraging media - press kit preparation, making announcements, tapping media that attend the event

1100 – 1130am

Networking Tea Break

1130 – 1215pm

During Tradeshow: Maximising tradeshow participation

Mathias Kuepper, Managing Director, Koelnmesse

  • How to interact/conduct effective conversations with potential customers/visitors during a tradeshow
  • Improving your presence on-site (e.g. giveaways)

1215 – 1245pm

Post Tradeshow: Planning a follow-up strategy

Mathias Kuepper, Managing Director, Koelnmesse

  • Post evaluation – what companies should be assessing (e.g. whether we continue to participate in a specific trade show and evaluation consideration)
  • How to follow up with the leads and converting them to sales (perhaps some country-specific examples and nuances to overcome)

1245 – 100pm