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Circular No: S&Q/23/02/wh

18 February 2021

iNPQS Cloud Based IT-Platform for the Construction Industry

SCAL would like to introduce the iNPQS Cloud-based IT Platform which is jointly set-up by 3 Professional Institutes (namely, ACES, IES and SIA) and supported by BCA. The objective of the platform is to deliver, manage and sustain a national level building specification for Architecture, Civil & Structure (C&S) and Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) scope of works in Singapore.

The platform allows Architects, Engineers and Specification Writers to create specifications from reference standard templates which can be customised to suit each individual project. It is integrated with BIM technology, as well as links to Singapore Standards and the latest products from local and international manufacturers and suppliers.

The platform was officially launched on 26 Nov 20 and is currently being piloted by Government Procurement Agencies such as HDB, LTA & JTC for their projects.

Please refer to the attached Letter and Application Form for more details on the subscription and grants on the iNPQS platform. You can also download the Application Form at  (Pricing Page).