Membership Benefits

SCAL Membership Benefits

Professional Representation

SCAL through its 10 sub-committees facilitates different aspects of the construction industry. SCAL wields considerable influence on various local agencies having more than 50 representation seats. Going beyond Singapore, SCAL is affiliated to the following international construction organizations:

  • ASEAN Constructors Federation (ACF)

  • International Federation of Asian & Western Pacific Contractors Association (IFAWPCA)

As a result of a direct access and on-going dialogues with related government ministries, SCAL ensures that Members’ needs on industrial, contractual and technical matters are taken care of.

Consultation Services

Successful and knowledgeable professionals from leading construction organizations constitute SCAL’s Council of Management. Their association and consultative interaction with SCAL Members benefits the businesses of our members.

Industrial Policy Feedback

SCAL has been working closely with various Public agencies for several years resulting in a working relationship based on trust and mutual respect. SCAL regularly conducts bi-lateral consultations with these agencies, especially when it comes to the implementation of any new regulation, policy or industry standard. SCAL updates its Members on the current thinking of authorities and at times even gets directly involved in policy-making committees.

Local Business Networking

SCAL offers tremendous networking opportunities as a result of its powerful membership that encompasses many successful and dynamic construction companies. SCAL is recognised as an effective meeting point amongst contractors. This networking has proved time and again to be invaluable to our members’ business development.

International Business Development

SCAL is an important stopover for foreign dignitaries and delegations in the construction business whenever they visit Singapore. Over the years SCAL has built bridges with foreign authorities and helped in promoting Members’ services through overseas missions, exhibitions and trade fairs. SCAL’s membership and regular participation in the International Federation of Asian & Western Pacific Contractors Associations (IFAWPCA) and the ASEAN Constructors Federation (ACF) further propels business opportunities for SCAL Members in the region.

Social and Recreation Events

SCAL conducts regular social and recreation events for its members and their families. SCAL events offer an opportunity for networking and promoting camaraderie within the construction industry.

Education and Welfare Fund

SCAL grants annual scholarships for primary, secondary and tertiary education and provides emergency assistance for accident fatalities. This self-help scheme has improved welfare benefits to people working in the industry and their families. Only the employees of SCAL Members are eligible for the scheme.

Legal Panel and Legal Fund

SCAL has set aside a fund that assists members in litigation matters. The nature of the construction industry being what it is, members may encounter contractual problems in the execution of their projects. SCAL offers legal assistance to members according to the guidelines set by the Contracts & Practice Sub-committee. This sub-committee lends its support in reviewing the cases and legal counsel would be sought, if necessary. SCAL recommends mediation as administered by the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC), as an alternative remedy to settling construction disputes. Members may be assisted by SCAL mediators accredited by the SMC.

Construction Management Training

SCAL invites experts to conduct various courses, seminars and workshops for imparting necessary skills to the employees of the members. SCAL members enjoy special discounts on training fees. The curricula are constantly upgraded to make sure that Singapore’s construction workers are trained and re-trained on contemporary technologies and business skills. Some of the sessions are jointly conducted with educational institutions and government ministries to inform Members of the latest developments in the industry.

Vital business reference

SCAL cultivates and promotes its Members’ image and social standing in the industry as well as in the community through its various public relations efforts. SCAL Publishes annually The Contractor’s Directory, which is a platform for members to showcase their offerings. Over the years this directory which is distributed regionally has become an important business reference.

Community Contribution

SCAL members get to contribute to worthy social clauses through various CSR initiatives such as a yearly charity golf tournament. Over the years, SCAL had helped to set up a kidney dialysis centre in addition to pledging numerous cash gifts to charitable organizations and educational funds.

Information Centre

SCAL regularly publishes mailers and complimentary quarterly newsletter, The Contractor, to inform members about its activities and current news from the construction and building industry. Members can access the resources online for the latest editions of the newsletters, circulars and announcements.

Safety Audit & Consultancy

SCAL’s subsidiary, SC2 Pte Ltd, is the first Singapore based company that focuses on a full range of safety consultancy services for the construction industry. SC2 has been accredited by the Ministry of Manpower to conduct safety audits at sites for projects having unlimited value. Together with offering professional advice to companies in the formulation and implementation of safety management systems that are tailored to their needs, SC2 also provides training services on safety related topics. Service and training fees are discounted for SCAL members.

Manpower Management

SCAL Resources Pte Ltd (SCR), another SCAL subsidiary, works with the industry providing reliable and value-added services in the selection and recruitment of both local and foreign workers. Other services include arranging for workers’ accommodation, remittance, skills training of workers at source countries as well as managing all documentation related to work permit application. With representatives from MOM, BCA and BATU on its Board of Advisors, SCR is committed to supplying quality workers and improving their welfare in the local construction industry.