All activities at SCAL are guided by the sole objective of strengthening related services in the building and engineering construction industry. SCAL strives hard to preserve its existence as a structurally-sound and united industry. SCAL aims to help all its members to achieve greater professionalism and quality in their respective specialisations.

SCAL is committed to the following objectives for which it was established:

  • To secure for its members all advantages of unanimity of action

  • To secure the recognition of the Association as the official representative of the building and engineering construction industry by all persons, professional bodies and authorities whose interests extend to and embrace the building and engineering construction and allied trades

  • To promote and encourage uniformity in the customs and practices of the industry in order to promote just and honourable business conduct and practices so as to discourage malpractices

  • To promote the means and measures that maintain and improve the standards of the industry while enhancing the status of its members amongst the general public

  • To assure the general public of fair and equitable treatment in dealing with the industry and vice versa

  • To promote the development of the building and engineering construction industry of Singapore, its industrial resources and that of allied manufacturing industries by active participation in the said industry