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Are you using Paper, Point Solutions or Platform for your Construction Project Management?

This is the time to adopt a smarter construction solution in the post-pandemic world. The right digital tools for the right tasks managed centrally to maximize communications, enhance productivity, and reduce costs. Learn what are the tools being used and how do construction companies evolve and transform at these times.

Evaluating 3D Scanners? Don’t Overlook These 7 Must-have Features

Understanding how 3D laser scanning can benefit your business is an important step in improving your overall efficiency and profitability. 3D scanning allows you to gather accurate, detailed information about existing site conditions and as-builts. Read about the features to look for to ensure you’re getting the best scanner for your needs.

Mediation - Effective Method to Resolve Construction Disputes

With advancement and shortening of construction period, coupled with the tedious nature of construction activities, it is common to hear contractors completing sizable projects without even having signed the proper contracts. Besides ligation, mediation a is another contractual dispute method consider first. It is cost-effective and has a successful rate in the high 70’s percent.

5 ways technology is improving safety on construction sites

Affordable mobile devices and cloud-based mobile applications have transformed every aspect of our daily lives, and the construction sector is no exception. This article explores how companies are using technology to improve safety on construction sites worldwide. A construction health and safety software like Novade helps enforce HSE compliance.

[Case-Study] The Centennial Tower Litigation

Many significant legal issues were raised in the suit that deserves careful attention from the construction industry. Not only does it define what constitutes a defect, it also clarifies what constitutes a “safety risk”, and the considerations to be borne in mind when designing a building to be sufficiently robust in the eyes of a Singapore Court.

Mediation Success Stories: From the Contractor's Perspective

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process through which disputants seek a practical solution to their dispute. The disputants are guided in their decision-making process by a neutral third party- themediator, who assists them in finding a solution to which both assent with regard to their different concerns.