About Monica Neo

Ms. Monica Neo, Senior Partner, Chan Neo LLP, Commissioner for Oaths (Singapore)

Monica is a lawyer and has practiced exclusively in Building and Construction law for almost 30 years. She acts as Counsel & presides as sole arbitrator in construction disputes. She is on the Panel of Arbitrators of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators, & the Law Society Arbitration Scheme. She is a Tribunal Magistrate of the Singapore Small Claims Tribunal, a Board Member of the Strata Title Board, an Associate Mediator on the Singapore Construction Mediation Centre, & a member of the Disciplinary Panel of the Council of Estate Agencies. She lectured at the Singapore and Temasek Polytechnics & tutored at NUS School of Architecture. She is a trainer of BCA Certificate Course in Construction Law & Contracts, & an instructor at the SUSS School of Science & Technology. Monica has also written a number of books and/or commentaries on construction law and construction contracts & was involved in the drafting of the 1st edition of the REDAS Design and Build Conditions of Contract.
Meet the speaker: 

Monica will be speaking on 2 December, Thursday on the topic "The legal and contractual issues that contractors should look out for when the relief period under COTMA" from 10am to 10.30am.

Monica is also the consultant for one of the closed door consultation session on 2 December, 11am to 12pm.