About Domestic Sub-Contract (DSC)

Introduced in 2005, the DSC emerged as a solution to the absence of a standardised contract form for dealings between main contractors and domestic sub-contractors or suppliers. This gap often left smaller firms grappling with contractual nuances, leading to inefficiencies and disputes.

Fast forward almost 20 years, and the DSC has evolved, reflecting the dynamic nature of construction practices and the growing emphasis on equitable treatment of all parties involved. This recent update to the DSC was spearheaded by a diverse group of industry experts comprising main contractors, subcontractors, lawyer and claim consultant, reflecting the changing industry environment, and addressing common modern challenges faced by all stakeholders.


What's new

Not just a simple update to meet new regulations from governing bodies, the updated version is a fine-tuning of clauses to better suit current industry needs. One of the most significant changes in the DSC 2.0 is the introduction of additional appendices, allowing parties to curate and tailor clauses relevant to their specific project type—be it building, civil, or M&E work. This bespoke, customisation-friendly approach ensures flexibility and applicability across various scopes of work.

Updated version of DSC (Content page)



  • Enhanced clarity and efficiency: The DSC 2.0’s clearer guidelines and accessible nature streamline contractual processes, leading to more efficient project management with better legal risk mitigation.
  • Balanced interests: By offering a neutral platform, the DSC ensures that neither main contractors nor subcontractors are disadvantaged, fostering a more collaborative industry environment.
  • Future-proofing: With its digital-friendly approach, the DSC is keeping up with best practices, ensuring that companies are prepared for future industry shifts
  • Dispute minimisation: The DSC’s emphasis on clear, written communication and fair clauses reduces the likelihood of conflicts, saving time and resources that might otherwise be spent on resolution processes.
  • Tailor-made solutions: With the addition of several appendices crafted in collaboration with various stakeholders, companies can draw up contracts that are relevant to their specific needs. 

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The updated Domestic Subcontract is available online for purchase in editable format (.doc) at SGD50* (SCAL member) / SGD80* (Non-SCAL member). Please visit SCAL member directory HERE to find out whether your company is a SCAL member**. 

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