Singapore List of Trade Sub-contractors

The SLOTS Scheme was launched by SCAL in October 1992 to provide a list of competent subcontractors for the reference of main contractors, consultants and developers. Only SLOTS or BCA registered contractors will be granted work permits for their foreign workers.

  • Before you begin your application, please ensure you have read the terms and conditions HERE
  • Afterwhich, click HERE to complete online application .
  • All applicants are required to submit the following items. SCAL will not be able to process applications with incomplete submissions or missing documents. 
    1. Latest ACRA – Biz Profile (Printed within the last 3 months) with a minimum paid up capital of $50,000.
    2. Latest audited financial statement.
    3. Approved technical qualifications (BCA trade test certificates or relevant trade qualifications).
    4. A declaration from 2 different main contractors testifying to the firm's awarded projects by Form A  HERE 
      • The total minimum projects value submitted per year should exceed $100,000. 
      • The statements would require at least 1 completed project and the rest of on-going projects (Letter of Award and/or Purchase Order) related to projects mentioned.
    5. Proceed to make payment for Admin Fee of $109 (inclusive 9% GST) via the various payment options in the link HERE - PayNow or Bank Transfer as the preferred option. Kindly save the payment proof in the format "yourcompanyname_slotsadmin" and email to with the subject title "your company name SLOTS admin fee payment proof"
  • The application processing time will take approximately 2 weeks from date of submission. Someone from SCAL will contact you on the outcome and the next step of course. 

  • SLOTS companies who are renewing are required to submit the following items. SCAL will not process any applications with incomplete submission or missing documents. 
    1. SLOTS Renewal Application Form - Existing SLOTS companies will receive a reminder from SCAL three months before the certificate expiry date.
    2. Latest ACRA - Biz profile (Printed within the last 3 months) with a minimum paid-up capital of $50,000. 
    3. A declaration from different main contractors testifying to the firm's satisfactory conduct by the completion of the Form A here.
      • The statement would require completed projects, Letter of Award and/or Purchase order related to the projects mentioned. 
      • The minimum project value per year should exceed $100,000.
    4. Safety & Green Management Assessment (SgMA) Audit Certificate (Photocopy)

      Note: For SgMA waiver, please submit:
      (i)  ISO 45001 (SAC) or Bizsafe Star 
      (ii) ISO 14001 or Green Policy
      (iii) Appointment letter for SGSecure Representative

    5. Attendance Certificate (Photocopy) for any of the SCAL Organised Seminar/Workshop/Courses qualified for the renewal of SLOTS registration. 
    6. Tradehead registration fee - Amount payable can be found on the renewal application form (refer to item 1). Kindly make the payment via the options in the link HERE - PayNow or Bank Transfer. Kindly save the payment proof in the format "yourcompany name_slotsrenewal" and attach it together with the rest of the items above for a complete application